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The Benefits

When you join with us you will have access to the following:-

Over $350 worth of Training Modules

We have the experience and expertise in our community to share best practice with new-comers.

Latest System & Tools

As part of your Membership you will have access to the same Online systems as everyone else in the business.

Regular Online Live Training

Access to live webinars with the best in Affiliate Marketing business.

Everything is Tracked

All your Affiliate Marketing leads that you generate are tracked and commission is paid directly back to you.

Access to Proven Templates

To get you started you will have Proven Templates to start to use and the ability to create your own.

Option to Progress & Develop

Our Commission structure allows for Students to become Elite affiliate Marketers.

Earn whilst you Learn

Start earning whilst you learn this Business. Commission starts from $20 – $1000 per sale.

Money-back Guarantee

Should you decide this business is not for you, you have 30 days to give-it-ago.

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Becoming an Online Affiliate Marketer

We have members aged from 18-65+ working from their Personal Computer & an Internet connection which you can do from anywhere in the world and even Love Mondays again!

The Internet is forever growing, and Affiliate Marketing is becoming a growing industry where with the right System, Tools and Training can become an Online Business which can generate incomes from $1,000 to unlimited $$$ per month.

Do I have to have a product to sell?

No, but there are plenty of businesses out there who look for Affiliate Marketers to help promote their business services or products in return for paying you the commission for their sales. If you can place an advert, promote their banner, or write a blog and generate clicks for them, then that is the role of an Affiliate Marketer. See here for our top 3 suggestions.

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Testimonials from our Affiliate Marketers

Here from those already doing this business, from all parts of the world and levels of experience.

Roger, Self-generated Entrepreneur, Australia.

If you’re sick and tired of the 9-5 lifestyle of being enslaved to a Job, then you need to take a closer look this! Did you know that the letters J.O.B. stand for “Just Over Broke”, that’s how most people live their life, working for somebody else, making somebody else’s’ dreams come true, being stuck in the same location, doing the same thing over and over every day.

This is definitely worth taking a closer look, they have the tools, training, resources and community to help you get started on your path to total financial freedom, where you can set your own schedule, travel where ever you want to travel, and never have to worry about money every again. No office, no warehouse, no inventory, no staff hassles, all you need is your laptop and internet connection.

Tyra, Full-time employed & Affiliate Marketer, USA. 

A Laptop life has really taken my online business to the next level. I have been running my business online for about 3 years and it never took off, but I was really adamant about making it work. One day, I came across this and my prayers were answered. Now, I am able to make my own schedule, work from home, and enjoy what I do. And did I mention that my income tripled? They provide so many resources like step by step training, module style training videos, like their 7-day Video series, access to promotional products and so much more to coach you into having a successful digital work life. Without laptoplife my business would have failed. I’m glad I finally took control of my work life.

Victoria, Stay-at-home Mum, Zimbabwe

My name is Victoria, all the way from Zimbabwe and I’m here to share with you how Affiliate Marketing has helped me launch my own Online Business with no prior knowledge. I wasn’t sure at first when a friend introduced me to their site but eventually, I signed up because I was tired of not having enough money and wanted to have a passive income as a stay at home mum. So, I signed up for the program and I’m glad I did. Their products include step by step, comprehensive tutorials that even a layman can understand. Because of them, I’m now a proud owner of an online business and have already begun making some money from it even though I signed up less than 3 months ago.

Your Journey to become an Affiliate Marketer

We have our Members Trained & Operational within 4 weeks. So don’t delay and Get Started with us today.

1. Register for our 7-day series videos

We would like to invite you to watch our 7-day video series which will give you all the information you need about Affiliate Marketing.


2. Get started with us!

You can start when ever you wish to. The sooner you do, the quicker you will start our Online Training.


3. Your Personal Coach/mentor

We have the experts in Online Marketing to help and support you every step of the way to get you to where you want to take your Affiliate Marketing Business and start earning.

Frequently asked questions from our customers

Anyone can do this, here are a few FAQ’s to help your decision to get started with us.

How long will it take to get Set-up?

We have Affiliate Marketers trained and starting within 2-4 weeks. We have a private Community of other Affiliate Marketers which share their best practices, successes online with other members of our Business.

Do I need any previous experience to get started?

No. In fact many of our top members are individuals without any Affiliate Marketing experience. We just say basic computer skills. Our carefully prepared Training Modules has been designed with you in mind. Follow our proven model and you’ll be up and running in 2-4 weeks.

What type of Business/Products can I build/sell?

Once you have the Online Tools & Training to do Affiliate Marketing through ourselves you can decide what you want to promote, whether that’s e-commerce Market places such as Amazon, or SFM/DEA offer you the opportunity to Affiliate Market our Education Training & System Tools! Where you can earn anything from $20 to $1000+ per sale!

How Much Time Do I need to spend on my Business?

We have Affiliate Marketers join us and input 10-12 hours per week. But we will show you a Proven Business Model to focus on the Money Producing Activities to get you results fast. Know when to reinvest back into your Advertising to generate further revenue.

Congratulations, for investing your time in learning more about what we do.

This could be the best thing you have done all day and you can now say you Love Mondays!